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    Pedestrian crossings addicts catching up on smartphones
    In the Dutch city of Bodegraven there are unusual pedestrian crossings. They are equipped with light lines, designed for people who can not take their eyes off their
    Disney will use the Nokia OZO VR camera
    Last year Nokia announced the OZO VR camera for professional filmmakers who can take full advantage of the capabilities of this device. It was not a long wait for the camera to
    Energizer is proud of the environment
    Last year, Energizer announced the start of the production of batteries used in the manufacture of recycled cells. Now the company is taking another step towards taking care of the
  • Disney will use the Nokia OZO VR camera

    Last year Nokia announced the OZO VR camera for professional filmmakers who can take full advantage of the capabilities of this device. It was not a long wait for the camera to be taken by serious producers, because the new camera was going to use a Disney movie studio.

    Nokia OZO VR is a device that was designed primarily to create fully spherical 3D movies. The device is equipped with wireless connectivity and eight fully synchronized cameras with integrated microphones to enable stereoscopic video recording with surround sound.

    The camera is offered for $ 60,000, so such equipment can afford only the largest film studios, such as Disney, who has just signed a contract to use Nokia cameras in their future projects.

    Studio is not going to use OZO VR to produce VR full-length movies, but will use it to create material that complements its productions. One of the planned projects is an interview with the cast of the Jungle Book recorded at 360 degrees.…

  • Netbooks lose with tablets

    According to the latest reports, Asus has reduced the price of its netbooks, and MSI plans to completely withdraw from this segment. Is the tablet era coming?

    Today, every self-respecting manufacturer has or plans to have a tablet. The flat-panel touch-screen device has launched Apple, whose iPad is now the absolute leader of this segment. Other manufacturers are trying to match it by bringing more and more tablets to market. And where in all this place for netbooks, which were supposed to be simple terminals to use the Internet?

    It looks like netbooks are a thing of the past. Manufacturers went completely different direction, designing small 10-inch machines with dual-core processors and rich equipment. So they departed from the original concept, planned a few years ago.

    The twilight of netbooks is even announced by mobile operators, who have been using netbooks until recently with mobile Internet, and now are targeting tablets and smartphones with large touch screens.…

  • Pedestrian crossings addicts catching up on smartphones

    In the Dutch city of Bodegraven there are unusual pedestrian crossings. They are equipped with light lines, designed for people who can not take their eyes off their smartphones.

    Some smartphone users almost always have their eyes fixed on the screen of their equipment, not paying attention to what is happening around them. This behavior is very dangerous. Especially when crossing the street, as such a person may not record red light and will enter the car.

    Many cities modify pedestrian crossings, enriching them with special light signals built into the pavement that smartphone users are supposed to warn of danger.

    So far, lighting has been incorporated into the pavement or pavement, but this is a very expensive solution. Engineers from the Dutch city of Bodegraven have come up with something equally effective and, at the same time, much cheaper. Their idea is called Plus Lightlines and they are strips of LEDs placed in the sidewalk that mimic the signaling. So they glow red or green depending on whether you can already go or wait for the change of lights.…

  • Tracer presents a new non-standard NOX tablet

    The new Tracer NOX tablet will be the perfect companion for your recent holiday trips. Will not allow boredom while traveling and become a mobile entertainment center. The powerful components ensure smooth operation of Android 4.0.3, the microSD card reader allows for a significant increase in available memory, and a variety of multimedia features will satisfy the needs of both children and adults. Also interesting are the custom dimensions of the tablet: 21cm x 16cm.

    For those who like books

    Tracer NOX has a built-in easy-to-read eBooks program. e-books. Aldiko is equipped with many useful features such as day / night mode (black letters on white background and vice versa), easy font change, margins, bookmarking and search engine options. If someone does not like to read in the car or while driving, NOX also lets you listen to audiobooks. You can use the headphones or share your reading with travel companions and listen to the audiobook through the speaker.

    For those who prefer multimedia

    The new Tracer tablet makes it easy to watch movies and listen to music. 4GB of built-in memory, microSD card reader (32GB extra) and USB mass storage capability (included USB miniUSB adapter) allow you to store a set of movies and music that is large enough to last us a full holiday. NOX is also a convenient viewing device. Rip camera photos, watch them on a larger 8-inch screen, and make your own memory space in the camera. Two built-in camera tablets will also find their use – the front camera will allow for free video calling, and the other, located on the back of the case, will take pictures and shoot movies when the camera is not at hand.

    For those who have entered the game

    NOX provides full access to the online Google Play store, which will serve as a rich source for the latest games and applications. Download Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, Need for Speed ​​and have fun. Built-in accelerator guarantees the highest level of excitement.

    The NOX Tablet Tracer is available at a suggested retail price of $ 140. This product is covered by a 24-month warranty period.

    Choose your tablet

    In addition to the 8-inch NOX model, Tracer also features the 7-inch OVO 1.2 and the recently introduced 9.7-inch NEO with IPS matrix. This way, each user can choose the tablet most suitable for himself. For more information about Tracer tablets, technical specifications, device functions, or manuals, please visit our website…

  • Nissan is testing an autonomous auto in Japan

    Japanese manufacturers have not so much praised the achievements of autonomous vehicles in the past, but it does not mean they have not worked on it. The effect of these works was recently presented by Honda and Toyota, and now Nissan engineers have bragged about their own vehicle project that does not need a driver.

    Nissan representatives have stated that they are just starting their first public test vehicle prototype in Japan. The technology developed by them is called Piloted Drive and will soon pass its biggest test on the crowded roads of the metropolitan metropolis.

    The project is based on a modified version of the Nissan Leaf, equipped with radar, laser scanners, as well as multiple cameras installed on the bodywork, observing the space around the vehicle. Data from all of these devices flow to a computer equipped with a fast processor and a specialized HMI (human-machine) interface.

    Sensors analyze the surroundings, check the position of the objects, and also work on routing and avoiding obstacles. In other words, they are handling the car. Thanks to them, the vehicle can maneuver, keep distance from previous cars, maintain their own lane and change it if necessary, bypass slower or standing cars, turn at intersections, and stop at red light.

    The HMI interface serves as the central command center, utilizing an LCD screen to display speed information, power levels in batteries, and a view of cameras located on the bodywork. The driver can also use the Head-Up Display, which is very useful because the car can move in both autonomous and manual mode. Then it does not differ in any way from the standard vehicles.…

  • Spotify has 50 million subscribers

    The most popular music service boasted of new statistics. The company now has 50 million people who pay monthly subscription fees for using its services.

    Apple would certainly like Apple Music to start competing with Spotfiy some time ago, but chances are very low. The competitor is the undisputed leader in the streaming music market, and from month to month strengthens its position by gaining more and more users.

    In September last year, the company reported 40 million paid subscribers to subscribe for all of their features. However, it took five months for the number of users to increase by another 10 million, resulting in an average increase of 2 million each month.

    For comparison Apple Music currently has 20 million users. However, if we take into account the time when both services are launched, Apple will gain customers at a much faster pace. Spotify debuted in 2008, while Apple Music launched in 2015.…

  • 133 years of thermal anomalies in halfminute animation

    Goddard Space Flight Center has prepared an animation presenting changes in the temperature anomalies on the surface of the Earth in the years 1880 – 2013. Higher than normal temperatures are marked with red (+2 degrees Celsius), lower blue (-2 degrees), and white color indicates no change.

    Visualization is intended to illustrate the process of progressing global warming. As the NASA researchers write, apart from the exceptional 1998, all ten warmest years of the 133-year period occurred after 2000. At the top of the list is still the hottest 2010, followed by 2005. Last year, 2013 was on this list in seventh place.…

  • Xilence presents new low power power supplies

    Xilence Cooling and Power Supply Specialists are introducing the first ever product line to include a new series of power supplies designed for computer makers and demanding consumers.

    The new product family is comprised of four 430W, 530W, 630W and 730W models. Although it is aimed at the most demanding consumer and is primarily aimed at computer manufacturers, it does not mean that it is more expensive.

    The manufacturer has put a great deal of effort into ensuring maximum safety, and therefore has installed in the power supply all possible protection systems to prevent sudden voltage spikes, overheating, short circuits and overloading. Even if a failure occurs, the user is assured that his expensive components are not subject to damage.

    Cooling the power supply is a 120 mm fan, which effectively disperses the heat accumulating in the enclosure, but at the same time it is quiet enough not to interfere with the daily work.

    Naturally, in addition to security, the power supply is also very effective. It meets the 80Plus and ErP2014 standards, which means that its efficiency at 20 percent load is 82%, at 50% – 85%, and at 100% load the power supply must be at least 82% efficient.…

  • Energizer is proud of the environment

    Last year, Energizer announced the start of the production of batteries used in the manufacture of recycled cells. Now the company is taking another step towards taking care of the environment and announcing the introduction of rechargeable batteries that are also made in the same way.

    AAA batteries are a very popular product that powers our alarm clocks, toys, cameras, computer mice and many other devices without which we can not imagine life. This means that we consume huge amounts of them, and this in turn translates into the growing heaps of useless batteries.

    Energizer, one of the most famous battery manufacturers, has decided to do something about it and announced last year that it is launching a new model that is made from recycled batteries.

    So far, only 4 percent of the material comes from old batteries, but given how much they are consumed each year, it means hundreds of tonnes of trash will disappear from the dumps. However, the manufacturer wants to gradually increase this percentage and by 2025 it wants to reach 40 percent.

    It’s not all, now the company goes a step further and announces the introduction of AA batteries in a similar way, hoping that it will make it much better to protect the environment.…

  • The most powerful portable laser tested

    Americans have long been working on laser weapon technology. It is true that even hand lasers are far away, but they are getting more and more successful in this field.

    Rheinmetall, working with the US Army on defense systems, has recently tested its 50kW power laser. Made by a German laser gun company, it is able to easily burn a 15 mm thick plate. It seems like no feat, but the weapon is able to do it from a distance of more than a kilometer. This is just the power of destruction, right?

    In addition, the laser works with a radar system called the Skyguard, which targets the target using optical scanners, which also allows it to be identified before shooting.

    During the test, the laser droned a dron moving in a pre-programmed sector. If we consider that the UAV is moving really fast, then the real power of the new weapon can be seen. But that’s not the end of her possibilities.

    Constructors say they are able to detect, track and destroy really small ballistic objects. And they are not just bragging. This was tested using 82 mm steel balls traveling at 50 meters per second (about 200 km / h). In this way, they wanted to see how the gun would behave in the face of a mortar attack. The Skyguard system immediately detected moving objects, tracked them, and then destroyed them in flight.

    It can be expected that within the next five years, this type of armament will become a compulsory equipment for the US Army.…