Energizer is proud of the environment

Last year, Energizer announced the start of the production of batteries used in the manufacture of recycled cells. Now the company is taking another step towards taking care of the environment and announcing the introduction of rechargeable batteries that are also made in the same way.

AAA batteries are a very popular product that powers our alarm clocks, toys, cameras, computer mice and many other devices without which we can not imagine life. This means that we consume huge amounts of them, and this in turn translates into the growing heaps of useless batteries.

Energizer, one of the most famous battery manufacturers, has decided to do something about it and announced last year that it is launching a new model that is made from recycled batteries.

So far, only 4 percent of the material comes from old batteries, but given how much they are consumed each year, it means hundreds of tonnes of trash will disappear from the dumps. However, the manufacturer wants to gradually increase this percentage and by 2025 it wants to reach 40 percent.

It’s not all, now the company goes a step further and announces the introduction of AA batteries in a similar way, hoping that it will make it much better to protect the environment.

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