Xilence presents new low power power supplies

Xilence Cooling and Power Supply Specialists are introducing the first ever product line to include a new series of power supplies designed for computer makers and demanding consumers.

The new product family is comprised of four 430W, 530W, 630W and 730W models. Although it is aimed at the most demanding consumer and is primarily aimed at computer manufacturers, it does not mean that it is more expensive.

The manufacturer has put a great deal of effort into ensuring maximum safety, and therefore has installed in the power supply all possible protection systems to prevent sudden voltage spikes, overheating, short circuits and overloading. Even if a failure occurs, the user is assured that his expensive components are not subject to damage.

Cooling the power supply is a 120 mm fan, which effectively disperses the heat accumulating in the enclosure, but at the same time it is quiet enough not to interfere with the daily work.

Naturally, in addition to security, the power supply is also very effective. It meets the 80Plus and ErP2014 standards, which means that its efficiency at 20 percent load is 82%, at 50% – 85%, and at 100% load the power supply must be at least 82% efficient.

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