Spotify has 50 million subscribers

The most popular music service boasted of new statistics. The company now has 50 million people who pay monthly subscription fees for using its services.

Apple would certainly like Apple Music to start competing with Spotfiy some time ago, but chances are very low. The competitor is the undisputed leader in the streaming music market, and from month to month strengthens its position by gaining more and more users.

In September last year, the company reported 40 million paid subscribers to subscribe for all of their features. However, it took five months for the number of users to increase by another 10 million, resulting in an average increase of 2 million each month.

For comparison Apple Music currently has 20 million users. However, if we take into account the time when both services are launched, Apple will gain customers at a much faster pace. Spotify debuted in 2008, while Apple Music launched in 2015.

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