Tracer presents a new non-standard NOX tablet

The new Tracer NOX tablet will be the perfect companion for your recent holiday trips. Will not allow boredom while traveling and become a mobile entertainment center. The powerful components ensure smooth operation of Android 4.0.3, the microSD card reader allows for a significant increase in available memory, and a variety of multimedia features will satisfy the needs of both children and adults. Also interesting are the custom dimensions of the tablet: 21cm x 16cm.

For those who like books

Tracer NOX has a built-in easy-to-read eBooks program. e-books. Aldiko is equipped with many useful features such as day / night mode (black letters on white background and vice versa), easy font change, margins, bookmarking and search engine options. If someone does not like to read in the car or while driving, NOX also lets you listen to audiobooks. You can use the headphones or share your reading with travel companions and listen to the audiobook through the speaker.

For those who prefer multimedia

The new Tracer tablet makes it easy to watch movies and listen to music. 4GB of built-in memory, microSD card reader (32GB extra) and USB mass storage capability (included USB miniUSB adapter) allow you to store a set of movies and music that is large enough to last us a full holiday. NOX is also a convenient viewing device. Rip camera photos, watch them on a larger 8-inch screen, and make your own memory space in the camera. Two built-in camera tablets will also find their use – the front camera will allow for free video calling, and the other, located on the back of the case, will take pictures and shoot movies when the camera is not at hand.

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For those who have entered the game

NOX provides full access to the online Google Play store, which will serve as a rich source for the latest games and applications. Download Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, Need for Speed ​​and have fun. Built-in accelerator guarantees the highest level of excitement.

The NOX Tablet Tracer is available at a suggested retail price of $ 140. This product is covered by a 24-month warranty period.

Choose your tablet

In addition to the 8-inch NOX model, Tracer also features the 7-inch OVO 1.2 and the recently introduced 9.7-inch NEO with IPS matrix. This way, each user can choose the tablet most suitable for himself. For more information about Tracer tablets, technical specifications, device functions, or manuals, please visit our website

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