Pedestrian crossings addicts catching up on smartphones

In the Dutch city of Bodegraven there are unusual pedestrian crossings. They are equipped with light lines, designed for people who can not take their eyes off their smartphones.

Some smartphone users almost always have their eyes fixed on the screen of their equipment, not paying attention to what is happening around them. This behavior is very dangerous. Especially when crossing the street, as such a person may not record red light and will enter the car.

Many cities modify pedestrian crossings, enriching them with special light signals built into the pavement that smartphone users are supposed to warn of danger.

So far, lighting has been incorporated into the pavement or pavement, but this is a very expensive solution. Engineers from the Dutch city of Bodegraven have come up with something equally effective and, at the same time, much cheaper. Their idea is called Plus Lightlines and they are strips of LEDs placed in the sidewalk that mimic the signaling. So they glow red or green depending on whether you can already go or wait for the change of lights.

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