Netbooks lose with tablets

According to the latest reports, Asus has reduced the price of its netbooks, and MSI plans to completely withdraw from this segment. Is the tablet era coming?

Today, every self-respecting manufacturer has or plans to have a tablet. The flat-panel touch-screen device has launched Apple, whose iPad is now the absolute leader of this segment. Other manufacturers are trying to match it by bringing more and more tablets to market. And where in all this place for netbooks, which were supposed to be simple terminals to use the Internet?

It looks like netbooks are a thing of the past. Manufacturers went completely different direction, designing small 10-inch machines with dual-core processors and rich equipment. So they departed from the original concept, planned a few years ago.

The twilight of netbooks is even announced by mobile operators, who have been using netbooks until recently with mobile Internet, and now are targeting tablets and smartphones with large touch screens.

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