Disney will use the Nokia OZO VR camera

Last year Nokia announced the OZO VR camera for professional filmmakers who can take full advantage of the capabilities of this device. It was not a long wait for the camera to be taken by serious producers, because the new camera was going to use a Disney movie studio.

Nokia OZO VR is a device that was designed primarily to create fully spherical 3D movies. The device is equipped with wireless connectivity and eight fully synchronized cameras with integrated microphones to enable stereoscopic video recording with surround sound.

The camera is offered for $ 60,000, so such equipment can afford only the largest film studios, such as Disney, who has just signed a contract to use Nokia cameras in their future projects.

Studio is not going to use OZO VR to produce VR full-length movies, but will use it to create material that complements its productions. One of the planned projects is an interview with the cast of the Jungle Book recorded at 360 degrees.

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