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    This Programmable, Open Source Outlet Can Do Things That Off-the-shelf Smart Plugs Can't
    And since staging process easier and craftsmanship are important to avoid incorporating too. Coffee machine are over low heat and
    Windows 8 responsible for collapse on the PC market?
    Jun Dong, director of memory chips at Samsung, is not wrapping up in cotton and is openly criticizing Microsoft for Windows 8. In an interview with reporters in Seoul,
    Spotify has 50 million subscribers
    The most popular music service boasted of new statistics. The company now has 50 million people who pay monthly subscription fees for using its services.

    Apple would certainly like
    Tracer presents a new non-standard NOX tablet
    The new Tracer NOX tablet will be the perfect companion for your recent holiday trips. Will not allow boredom while traveling and become a mobile entertainment center. The
    The most powerful portable laser tested
    Americans have long been working on laser weapon technology. It is true that even hand lasers are far away, but they are getting more and more successful in this field.

    Netbooks lose with tablets
    According to the latest reports, Asus has reduced the price of its netbooks, and MSI plans to completely withdraw from this segment. Is the tablet era coming?

    Today, every self-respecting
    Pedestrian crossings addicts catching up on smartphones
    In the Dutch city of Bodegraven there are unusual pedestrian crossings. They are equipped with light lines, designed for people who can not take their eyes off their
  • Scientists have increased fiber optic bandwidth

    Fiber optics allow you to send large amounts of data at tremendous speed. However, they are not universal, because they require expensive equipment and accessories, so they are practically used by only large companies. With the Qualcomm Institute specialists, the popularity of this form of data transfer may soon increase.

    The San Diego-based Qualcomm Institute’s engineers have developed a new technology that not only exceeds optical fiber transmission limits, but also allows them to be sent over long distances without the need for costly hardware.

    It should be clarified that optical fibers have some limitations in terms of signal strength, which allow the transmission of data over longer distances. It can not be increased indefinitely, because at some point there are interferences that make the transmitted data impossible to decode properly, so they become useless. This makes the fiber every 96 km must be equipped with professional optical signal regenerators, which in turn greatly increases the cost of such links.

    However, the researchers managed to circumvent this obstacle and synchronize the frequencies of the various fiber channels. This enabled the transmission of information at a record distance of 12,000 kilometers, without the need for signal regenerators.…

  • First original content on YouTube Red

    A few months ago, a popular YouTube portal owned by Google announced the launch of its new version of YouTube Red, which charges advertisers for a small fee. An additional attraction of the new service was to be original content and just the first batch of such material appeared.

    YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular video portal in the world, which adds hundreds of thousands of hours of material each day to its users. However, the biggest drawback for many users, however, is the need to watch the ads preceding the videos and the banner ads displayed during them, so a few weeks ago launched a version of the portal called YouTube Red, which is deprived of them.

    By subscribing to a monthly subscription of $ 9.99, subscribers will not only be free of advertisements, but will also have access to original content, absent from the standard version of the site, and available for an additional fee only. The first batch of this type of content has just been released.

    For the moment, they can only be viewed by US residents, including a teenage musical called “Dance Camp,” a documentary titled “A Trip to Unicorn Island,” the comedy “Lazer Team,” and the show “Scare PewDiePie,” a comedy thriller. Which are the biggest stars of YouTube?…

  • New Laptop for Third World Countries

    The One Laptop for the Children initiative, which aims to provide education-friendly computers to students from the Third World, has unveiled a new low-cost laptop model. The device is called Infinity One and will go on sale in August of this year, although it will be much more expensive than its first version.

    Good education is crucial for all of us and has a tremendous impact on our further lives. Unfortunately, not everywhere is available at the same level, and the worst in this matter is the countries of the Third World, where access to scientific aids is very poor.

    A few years ago, an initiative was launched called One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), which aimed to provide students in developing countries with a similar level of education available in Western countries. So XO, a special model of cheap laptop for learning, so that students have access to a huge amount of information to help them learn.

    Now One Educational Australia, one of the participants in the project, is returning with a new OLPC latecomer, which is larger and more powerful, and will be available in August this year. However, the device is much more expensive than its

  • This Programmable, Open Source Outlet Can Do Things That Off-the-shelf Smart Plugs Can’t

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    2. Shakey the Robot
    3. Add the cameras to a network
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    5. Empty camera film case
    6. Smart Home Controller
    7. Tsp- Channa dal

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  • This is the end of VCRs

    Although video recorders have disappeared from our homes more than 20 years ago, replaced by cheaper DVD players, and then Blu-ray, that does not mean their production has ended. This will only happen this month, when the Japanese company Funai Electric will produce the last copy of this relic of the past.

    In the 1980s, VHS cassettes and video recorders were the only way to transfer cinemas to our showrooms and allow us to watch the latest Hollywood productions sitting in a comfortable armchair. Thanks to the appearance of these devices, the film industry has developed very well, and subsequent films appeared on cassettes like mushrooms after rain.

    VCRs have been present in our homes for quite some time and although some 20 years ago have been supplanted by a much better DVD format and then Blu-ray, they have not finished production in spite of appearances. For a long time, they were created in factories of Japanese corporations, because apparently there was still demand for them, but even local companies have decided that it is time to send back this technology to a well-deserved retirement.

    Funai Electric is the last company to produce still video recorders, but it also ends up with this business, announcing that at the end of the month its production lines in Chinese factories will leave the last player. Funai has announced that the decision has forced the sale of these devices and the increasing difficulty of acquiring components for their production.…

  • Fast drones for races

    UVify has unveiled a new drones racing model named Draco. The device designed for the sport is able to easily reach a speed of 160 km / h.

    Most drones intended for the consumer market are relatively slow in terms of capacity and stability. Recently, more and more popular models are winning sports models, racing and the model was shown by UVify.

    The product is called Draco and is one of the fastest in the world, with a top speed of 160 km / h and a top speed of 112 km / h.

    The unmanned aerial vehicle features a wide-angle Full HD video camera that streams images and allows the pilot to conveniently control the device. It also has a GPS, as well as configurable lights placed on the casing to make it easier to distinguish between drones during the race.…

  • Windows 8 responsible for collapse on the PC market?

    Jun Dong, director of memory chips at Samsung, is not wrapping up in cotton and is openly criticizing Microsoft for Windows 8. In an interview with reporters in Seoul, he blames the American giant for falling into the traditional computer market.

    According to Jun Donga, it is Microsoft that is causing the poor PC market. In his opinion, Windows 8, which was labeled “not better than Vista”, is the only reason for declining interest in traditional computers. This is also the policy of Samsung, which, with the focus on the production of computer components, is now giving priority to mobile devices that now generate the most profit and enjoy a huge and growing popularity.

    In spite of all, I would not be in the extreme, maybe Windows 8 is partly responsible for the poor sales of computers, but above all, I would have imagined the reasons for this in a changing model of electronics use. Mobile devices will replace some PCs and this is a fact that is not a blame for the poor quality of computers or their software. This is due to the change in our needs and capabilities offered by mobile devices that are beyond the reach of even the best computers. Not to mention that the premise of Windows 8 is to be more user friendly especially for mobile devices users, for example because of the interface.…

  • Twitter boasts of an error finding program

    Twitter is one of the companies that use external help to identify potentially harmful errors that could harm the operation of the site. The portal has revealed some of the latest statistics on this program, which has been running for just over two years.

    Many large companies in the web industry are not able to detect all the errors themselves in their own products or services. They are eager to use the help of outsiders, assuming that a fresh look can bring unexpected benefits, while offering a good reward for reporting bugs.

    It also has Twitter, which its own bug search engine launched in May 2014 and has since received 6171 submissions for which it has paid out a total of $ 322,420. The amount of the prize depends on the amount of error and the smallest amount paid is $ 140, while the largest is $ 12,040. You can make good money on bug search, as in 2015, one of the most active hatchback hunters received a total of $ 54,000.

    The most you can earn is to discover a remote code execution method for which Twitter pays $ 15,000. For now, nobody has won this award yet. It is also worth noting that only 20 percent of reported bugs have been publicly disclosed, and the company discloses only those vulnerabilities that have already been completely patched and do not pose any threat to it.

    If you would like to read the list of bugs that have been detected, then I invite you to the -bounty-2-years-in Twitter page.…

  • Creative Sound Blaster Jam

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